By Tanner Stransky
November 06, 2009 at 04:53 PM EST

Yesterday, we posted a clip featuring William Shatner dramatically reading what everyone assumed were Tweets from Levi Johnston. “Maybe I’m a genius,” Shatner said, with the perfect, slow delivery. “Maybe I don’t exist and it only seems like I do. Maybe this is a parallel universe, where I don’t. Anybody know where I can get some good weed?” But as it turns out, those were Tweets from an impostor! So last night, Shatner returned to The Tonight Show for a repeat reading — this time, with the right Tweets. (Thank the Alaskan Gods!) And, honestly, they’re so much better and more stupid. “Guess what? I shot a big-ass bear,” Shatner intones. And later, my personal fave: “I just get naked. It’s what I do.” Enjoy the short and sweet clip here (it autoplays):

Just share your favorite Shatner-voiced Levi Johnston Tweet with me. It’s what you do.

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