The second teaser clip from Rihanna’s interview with ABC’s Diane Sawyer just aired on Good Morning America. While yesterday’s segment dealt mostly with what followed her assault at the hands of ex Chris Brown, the 5-minute excerpt shown today focused squarely on the events of that awful February night.

Rihanna went into detail at Sawyer’s prompting, recounting a disturbing timeline that will be familiar to anyone who’s read the official police report on the incident. First she and Brown argued over a text message he received from a woman; then he violently attacked her. “It was ugly,” Rihanna told Sawyer, becoming choked up with emotion. “That’s all I kept thinking the whole time: When is it going to stop? When is it going to stop?…I was bleeding. I was swollen in my face. There was no way of me getting home.”

It’s a harrowing story, and one that unfortunately needs re-telling so no one can forget or distort just what it is that Brown did to Rihanna. (And while I wish that were just a hypothetical, I’m still seeing way too many blog commenters and others doing their best to minimize the reality of Brown’s inexcusable actions.) Say what you will about the timing of Rihanna’s publicity tour — she is doing something brave and necessary by going back over these painful memories in public.

Rihanna’s full interview with Diane Sawyer will air on 20/20 tonight. Will you be watching? What did you think of the latest interview clip? Let us know in the comments below.

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Photo Credit: ABC

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