The former ''Lost'' cast member is now on ''Vampire Diaries''

Sure, he may have died on Lost, but the 30-year-old has been resurrected as the deliciously evil vamp Damon on The CW’s Vampire Diaries.

1. Reality show I should be a celebrity guest on:
A. Top Model
B. Project Runway
C. American Idol
D. Top Chef

2. Person I’m most often mistaken for:
”People always think I’m Rob Lowe, but in a time portal. It’s just the weirdest thing. People also say I look like Chace Crawford, and I’m thinking to myself, No, no, no, no. He looks like me. I’m older than that kid.”

3. Most embarrassing song on my iPod…
”I had to reference Taylor Swift on the show. I had no clue who she was. So I went on iTunes and just downloaded a song. If any of my buddies found that on my iPod…”

4. The one tweet I’m glad I never sent:
”I just deleted Taylor Swift off of my iPod.”

5. The poorly titled celebrity memoir I’m most likely to read:
A. Bret Michaels
”Bret Michaels. I would just have to know what it was like to be in an ’80s hair band.”
B. Melissa Gilbert
C. RuPaul

7. The first sentence of my diary entry on the day after Boone died on Lost:
”Dear Diary, I am deader than a doornail.”

6. The last awesomely bad movie I got sucked into on cable:
Weekend at Bernie’s. ”Genius film. It can suck an hour and a half out of your day when you don’t mean it to.”

8. The person I’d most like to bite in real life:
Stephen Colbert. ”Because he’s a genius, and maybe if I drank his blood I would be as cool as him.”