Jim Carrey

Just in time for today’s release of his big Disney holiday flick, remake A Christmas Carol, comedian Jim Carrey has relaunched his personal website, and let’s just say, it’s not uninteresting. In fact, echoing his sometimes-comedic sensibilities, it’s got an almost fantastical, psychedelic vibe to it. I totally dig it.

While it’s actually little more than just career-ish type site featuring his spots on television and films, as well as a news feed and one pretty cool link to his Twitter account (unless I’m missing something more?), the visual elements of the new site are the absolutely stunning part. And no wonder — it was put together by 65 Media, the Web designers behind some other cool Hollywood sites, like ones for Land of the Lost and Ratatouille.

What’s also fun is the little embellishes. You can clearly tell that Carrey—or someone on his team, or those interesting folks over at 65 Media — delighted in creating this site. As I already mentioned, I’m obsessed with the link to his Twitter account (although the Tweets themselves are nothing special), which is a little bird at the top of various landing pages on the site, which actually spits out some of Carrey’s latest thoughts. (“headed over to Burbank to face Conan O’brien!” the jaunty little bird, complete with Carrey’s head, says!)

Besides the fun montages (here, at left) that wink at tons of Carey’s vast body of work, the most visually interesting page is when you click on “Biography.” You’re transported to a page that stares right into quivering human eye (not sure if it’s actually Carrey’s, but wouldn’t that be cool if it was?). The eye, at the top of this page, contains a photo gallery of Carrey, along with girlfriend Jenny McCarthy and his family, which can be viewed in the pupil. Again, there’s nothing that we didn’t already know about the comedian on that page, but the visual keeps me interested.

Way to go, Jim, surprising me, yet again. You guys gotta check it out. And then let us know what you think in the comments below.

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