It’s easy to see why Nancy Meyers’ new comedy, It’s Complicated, appealed to Alec Baldwin. First there was the opportunity to work with Meryl Streep, who plays his ex-wife. But he was also drawn to the way Meyers explored the messy matter of divorce — and the way two well-adjusted ex-spouses try getting back together. “I don’t mean to be glib,” he told EW last week. “But the title really is perfect. It is complicated. I had a pretty tough divorce myself, so sometimes I sit there and I go, ‘Well, should I have worked it out? Maybe I should have tried harder.’ It’s also what you teach your children about their love lives. That’s a big thing for me, to teach my daughter: No risk, no reward. I want her to realize that it’s a roll of the dice. Not everybody gets so lucky, where they have a family and a marriage forever and ever.” (Here he gestured to Streep, who has been married to sculptor Don Gummer since 1978.) What’s more, the Emmy-winning actor doesn’t rule out walking down the aisle again, if he finds the right person. “People say, ‘Do I believe in getting married?’ Oh yeah, of course I do. I’d love to get married again,” he explained before adding with trademark deadpan: “I have to find a really rich woman so I can stay home and read books all day.”

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