A Christmas Carol
Credit: Disney

I’ve been seeing the posters and ads for A Christmas Carol eh-heeverywhere recently, and it gives me the creeps like whoa. Because from where I sit, this version is deep, deep into the uncanny valley. How can this image not give you the chills? Geesh:

For the uninitiated, the uncanny valley is that weird zone where humanoid characters go from cute and adorable to scary and off putting. Wall-E? Adorbs. That thing? See you in my nightmares. We like stuff to have human characteristics up to a point, but then those characteristics get weird and we stop liking it — until they get so human-like that we can’t tell the difference, and then we like them again. That close-but-not-quite-a-person creepiness even popped up on 30 Rock when Tracy tried to make his pornographic video game and Frank explained the valley using Star Wars characters. It turns out even monkeys experience an uncanny valley response.

I think Christmas Carol is valley-bound. Check out Popular Science’s video about the concept after the jump, and tell us PopWatchers: Where does it fall for you?

Image: Disney