EW's TV writers are on opposite sides of Wisteria Lane when it comes to season 6

Kudos to exec producer Marc Cherry for wanting to update his delightful collection of daffy dames (valiant effort, Drea!), but it’s the perennials who keep me coming back for more. Though ridiculously thin (she could stand to eat her own cooking), Bree is hugely sympathetic as a conflicted Jezebel who’s stuck in a bad marriage. And I’m simply mad about Katherine — mostly because I too wanna deck Susan. Gaby’s more relatable than ever as the frazzled mom who’s desperate to throw the perfect kids party. (Why not consider a puppy petting zoo next time? I did.) And a special shout-out to my pregnant namesake: Carlos is right?your boobs are totally boss. — Lynette Rice

Wisteria Lane is in major need of renovations this season. First, there’s too much focus on Susan’s daughter, Julie (Andrea Bowen)— a total snooze of a character. More tragically, Housewives has wasted the talents of two very good actresses, Dana Delany and Drea de Matteo. Turning Delany’s Katherine into a loon seemed promising at first, but instead she’s annoying and lame. (Ooooh, she keyed Bree’s car! What’s next? Flaming bags of dog poo?) Plus, the mystery surrounding de Matteo’s Angie feels terrifyingly reminiscent of season 2’s awful Alfre Woodard arc. They should have kept this story line locked away in the basement. — Tim Stack

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