Michael Jackson, Kathy Griffin, and Andre Agassi all wrote about the ''Lipstick Jungle'' star in their memoirs

She wrote her own best-selling autobiography, Down Came the Rain, in 2005, but Brooke Shields keeps popping up in other stars’ memoirs. A peek under the covers.

Andre Agassi, Open
Relationship to Brooke: Ex-husband
Space devoted to her: 50 pages
Choice quote: ”We share similar starting points. She knows what it’s like to grow up with a brash, ambitious, abrasive stage parent…. Her mother still manages her. And they’re nearly broke [when we met], because Brooke’s career is slumping.”

Michael Jackson, Moonwalk
Relationship to Brooke: Ex-boyfriend
Space devoted to her: Two sentences
Choice quote: ”Another love was Brooke Shields. We were romantically serious for a while.” (Okay, okay, so that was the only quote.)

Kathy Griffin, Official Book Club Selection
Relationship to Brooke: Costar on Suddenly Susan
Space devoted to her: One chapter
Choice quote: ”We’d have fights about nothing…. I actually got a tickle out of remembering our fights, because they were the times when I got to see a real side of Brooke that wasn’t a perfect ice princess model.”