Good news, PopWatchers! The world won’t be coming to an end in 2012, no matter what Roland Emmerich’s new movie says. We checked with Dr. Edwin Krupp, director of LA’s Griffith Observatory–who also happens to be an expert on the Mayan calendar–and he assured us that the Earth will continue going about its business despite what you’ll be seeing on movie screens when 2012 opens (Nov. 13). “On or about the 21st of December, 2012, the Maya calendar is going to complete one of its cycles, which is called a Baktun,” Krupp says. “It’s just an interval. It happens every 5125 years. This particular interval is Baktun number 13, as it’s known in the traditional Maya scriptures. But the Mayans never said anything about this being the end of time. That’s just something somebody made up. In fact, there’s only one inscription on one Maya monument that refers to Baktun number 13 at all. That inscription is about a Mayan god and how he’s going to do this that and the other thing–but there’s nothing about the end of of the world.” In other words, PopWatchers, whew.