With the Foa Foa tribe getting their collective heiny kicked each and every week, the producers of Survivor: Samoa tonight decide to finally stop the bleeding and merge the tribes early (a traditional merge happens with 10 contestants left, as opposed to the 12 that are remaining now). Whether this is a case of producers pressing the panic button or simply shaking things up to keep contestants on their toes is up for debate, but either way, it seems like the right call. Hey, no one loves watching a complete tribal decimation more than I do, but we’ve read this script before back in Palau, and it was much more riveting then as Koror won every single immunity challenge until it was just Stephenie LaGrossa hanging out by her lonesome self back at the Ulong camp. With the exception of Dreadlocked Russell’s frightening collapse, things have grown a bit stale in Samoa, so it was time for a change. Plus, if the previews are any indication, we may be treated to a bounty of scrambling and self-destruction. Although Galu is up in numbers 8-4, the four names (Monica, Laura, Shambo, Erik) we all heard in the preview being talked about for being voted out were all from Galu! Remember last season on Tocantins when every single person on Timbira (who had the numbers advantage) developed a major crush on J.T. and wanted to use him to oust their fellow tribemates? Well, we all know how that turned out: J.T. got rid of the Timbira members one by one until his tribe had the numbers. Could Galu be such knuckleheads that they make the exact same mistake Timbira made all over again? We’ll see, but it at least adds some intrigue back into a season that was starting to feel stale, and also gives Evil Russell a chance to plant a few more “Russell seeds.”

What do you think? Does the merge come at the right time? Will Galu blow it by voting off their own? And has anyone figured out who the hell Brett is yet? Post your theories, and don’t forget to check out the latest edition of Survivor Talk below as Liz tees off on her former tribemate Russell. Oh, and to get the latest Survivor scoop and random pop culture ramblings sent directly to you, follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.