Irish dancefloor iconoclast Roisin Murphy’s new single “Orally Fixated” doesn’t physically come to the U.S. until November 17, but its synthetic charms are already wending their way through the internet’s many channels.

If you think that Roisin is singing about an oral fixation because she’s nine months pregnant—meaning she eats a lot of pickles, right?—well, bless your sweet heart, and try to tune out the words while you listen to the lyrically NSFW song after the jump.

But let’s be clear: Murphy isn’t talking about her own fondness for mouth-related mischief, but rather her “greedy” lover who she advises to, “give your mouth a rest.” The sexual innuendo on this dark dance tune never veers into Britney-style sex-cliche though—Mama Ro maintains her characteristic empowered, demure persona. The closest she gets to being crass is when she coos, “You never feel full and frankly it’s dull / Because it’s always about you,” but with a line that hilarious, we’ll give her a pass.

Musically, this song is a trip going down ’80s memory lane, invoking the vaguely industrial New Order/Depeche Mode vein of dance-pop. This single isn’t as immediately grabbing as “Let Me Know,” but Murphy is always at her best when straddling the line between moody electronics and dizzy disco choruses, which is exactly what “Orally Fixated” does.

What with giving birth to a brand-new human baby and all, Murphy’s album won’t come out until some point in 2010, but she’ll be satiating fans in the meantime with two more singles. What do you think of this taste of her upcoming album? Does Roisin got a brand new bag, or is she (pun alert!) laboring in the same territory? And what might Sigmund Freud think about this ode to his theory?

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