Whr my vwls @? No really. Are we seriously too lazy to use VOWELS anymore? I want to like MTV's new fashion series Styl'D, but I can't really handle the omission of the e in the title and don't even want to get going on that upper-case D. I find this letter cluster about as inexplicable as the way Mountain Dew has been shortened to "Mtn Dew." Maybe it's even worse? I'm having trouble deciding. The Styl'D logo is actually kind of snazzy, and the "t" in "Mtn" has a somewhat cute peak-like effect. This is a really tough one! Help me out, P-Dubs: Which of these lame abbreves is more annoying? Keep in mind that if you vote for option #3, you're dead to me. I know, big loss.

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