As an American Idol obsessive, I was too burnt out from the epic aftermath of Daughtry-Elliott-Taylor-Katharine-Paris-Kellie Awesomeness (aka season 5) to pay strict attention to Rock Star: Supernova when it debuted in July 2006. Still, several of my EW colleagues got deeply invested in the show, which was enough to get me to tape — on VHS! in my pre-DVR days! how tragique! — a few episodes, and thereby discover the raspy pleasures of eventual runner-up Dilana. And good thing I did, too, because as an Idol obsessive, hers is a name that’s become increasingly important to know.

First off, when I interviewed Adam Lambert at the end of season 8, he gave props to the uni-monikered South African diva for inspiring his sexy, sitar-infused rendition of “Ring of Fire.” (Click here and here to compare and contrast Adam and Dilana’s versions.) And now it looks like Dilana’s excellent debut single “Holiday,” which has been rapidly racking up the play-counts on my iPod since a publicist sent it to me last month, has also found its way to Just Like You, the forthcoming debut disc from Allison “Hello, my name is awesome” Iraheta. Indeed, earlier today when I exclusively posted the songwriting and producing credits for Allison’s disc, I noticed the presence of a track called “Holiday,” written by Dave Bassett and Dilana Trudy Smith, and seeing as Dilana’s “Holiday” single was also producedby Mr. Bassett, I was ready and willing to bet my My Little Pony “Pinkie Pie” that it was more than just coincidence. Sure enough, about an hour ago, while waiting for confirmation from Dilana and/or Allison’s camps, Dilana herself confirmed the news via Twitter: “Allison Irihita [sic] (Idol) cut Holiday! It is circulating around the web on the album track list,” she wrote.

Yes, folks, it’s the reality singing competition circle of life! And now, guess who’s got the exclusive first look at Dilana’s “Holiday” video? Yes indeed, it is PopWatch! So ch-ch-check it out below — the kick-ass song is definitely superior to the low-budge video, but such can be the perils of indie releases — and let me know what you think. Are you digging the Dilana track/video? Do you think it’s a good fit for Allison? (No lie: The second I heard “Holiday,” I thought to myself: “This ditty should go directly to The Rocker — without passing go, and without collecting $200.”) And is there room on the charts — or at least on your mp3 player — for both? My long answer: Yes! Holla back, and do follow me on Twitter @EWMichaelSlezak for all my Idol ridiculata.