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For Something’s Gotta Give, writer-director Nancy Meyers had to convince Diane Keaton to bare all on screen. Six years later, Meyers is back with a new romantic comedy, It’s Complicated (in theaters Dec. 25), and this time, it’s Alec Baldwin who’s doing the stripping. He and Meryl Streep play ex-spouses who, over their son’s college-graduation weekend, rekindle their romance — a tricky situation that becomes even more so when Streep’s character starts dating her architect, played by Steve Martin. Unlike Keaton, Baldwin didn’t need much arm-twisting to drop trou. “When you do a movie that you like or you’re hopeful about, you’ll go to any lengths if it seems right. And I was taking my clothes off for her,” he says, pointing to Streep. “Not for you, the public. Big difference.”

Baldwin shows plenty of skin in It’s Complicated (wait till you see the scene where he lies naked on a bed, waiting for Streep to join him), but he’d like to make one thing clear: the bare buns you see aren’t his own.

As he told us last week: “[That was] my ass double! You can put that in Entertainment Weekly so people know. I have a great ass, if I may say so. That’s a part of my body that needs no surgical enhancement or rearranging. The guy who was my ass double, he worked on 30 Rock one day and he dined out on it the whole week. He showed up and told everybody, ‘I was Alec’s ass double.’ It’s a sick business.” Which is not to say Baldwin would never flash his rear-end on screen. “You gotta pay me a lot of money,” he says.

As for Streep, she doesn’t do the Full Keaton (so to speak) in It’s Complicated, which was just fine with her. “I don’t think if we had romped through half of this movie completely naked it would have added to the film. It’s about the intimacy of marriage and the comfort and the mess of it. It felt like what we did was exactly right.”

For our full interview with Alec Baldwin and Meryl Streep, plus an inside guide to Sherlock Holmes, Avatar, and 59 other films, pick up the Holiday Movie Preview issue of Entertainment Weekly, on stands November 6.


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