By Michael Ausiello
Updated November 04, 2009 at 12:00 PM EST
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Top 5 reasons I’m pretty sure Law & Order is ripping the Letterman affair from the headlines for an upcoming episode:

5. How could they resist?

4. Fresh intel reveals that the show is casting the role of a talk-show host who’s popular, married and has kids.

3. Said talk-show host is in her 40s.

2. Wait, 40s?! And her?! Okay, well, I never claimed it was a perfectly parallel episode.

1. The lady Letterman in the murder mystery was cheating on her spouse with a younger female co-worker. (What is this, 90210?) Oh, and it wasn’t the first time!

Things go from tawdry to deadly when an Internet scandal sheet catches wind of the bedhopping, an extortion plot is hatched, and somebody winds up in a body bag. (Thankfully, at least Dave managed to avoid that last part.)

So what do you think, peeps? Too soon? Too tacky? Is Letterman too beloved, even now, to be subjected to this? Or is he getting what he has coming to him — albeit with a lesbian twist and a coupla decades shaved off his age? You know the drill: Sound off below.

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