By Michael Slezak
Updated November 04, 2009 at 02:00 PM EST

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of seeing David Tennant as the titular Doctor Who — from seasons 2-4 of the BBC’s most recent incarnation of the classic British show — knows the man can do anything: Free the Ood, make Billie Piper swoon, foil the Daleks‘ plans to pretty much destroy the universe. But now the dishy Scotsman is taking on an even more daunting task by shooting a pilot, Rex Is Not Your Lawyer, for (dun dun dunnnn) NBC. Seriously, with not-so-hot ratings for its “all-Leno, all-the-frakkin-time” strategy, the peacock sometimes looks like it’s halfway across the rainbow bridge and about to frolic with the dodo. As of this moment, in fact, my DVR has only two NBC series (The Office and 30 Rock) set as “series recordings.”

A Tennant-led Rex, however, could change that. The IMDb pages for writers Andrew Leeds and David Lampson don’t tell me much, but the show’s premise — a panic-attack-prone attorney teaches his clients to represent themselves — sounds like it has the potential to showcase Tennant’s dramedy chops, and bonus points will be distributed if his debonair accent doesn’t get lost in baggage on its way across the pond. Watch the opening of the wickedly good Doctor Who episode “Midnight” (and find the remainder of the episode after the jump) and tell me if you think NBC deserves a rousing chorus of “right on chaps!” and “cheerio!” for signing Tennant to a deal. I, for one, think (or at least hope) this move signals a turnaround for the network. And I say this as a die-hard Southland fan. You?

(BTW, even if you’ve seen “Midnight,” stick around to the 0:57 mark for a classic Doctor quote: “Taking a big space truck with a bunch of strangers across a diamond planet called Midnight: What could possibly go wrong?”)