Oh, Canada, your TV bounty knows no bounds: Degrassi, Slings & Arrows, Being Erica…So we want to trust you when we hear from this NPR report that you’re going nuts up north for this show Battle of the Blades, which pairs pro hockey players and figure skaters in a reality competition, like Dancing With the Stars on ice! The other reason we trust you on this? Because it’s basically a reality version of The Cutting Edge! And we all know we can never have too much of that opposites-attract, Pamchenko-fueling energy. (I’ve found your foray into reality TV, ABC Family, home of three cheese-tastic Cutting Edge sequels!) Apparently, American production companies have expressed interest in bringing the Battle of the Blades format across the border, which begs the question: Could this work Stateside? God knows we love our Kristi Yamaguchis and our Moira Kelly/D.B. Sweeney-like pairings.

You can watch full-length episodes here, but here’s a look at one couple from the premiere:

It’s as fun as Dancing With the Stars to me, but he main obstacle to making it work it here would be, well, hockey. It is the one thing we might care about even less than soccer. (It’s a tough call, I know.) The thing is, Canadians definitely like ice more than we do, having far more of it to live with, and star hockey players in the Great White North enjoy a far greater level of celebrity than they do down here. Plus, we Americans may get our fill of tough-guys-doing-frou-frou-stuff with the traditional casting of at least one football player on every season of Dancing With the Stars. Bottom line: There’s no reason to believe that the missing ingredient in the failed Skating With Celebrities was, of all things, hockey players.

But I could be wrong: What do you think, PopWatchers? Could we ever see The Cutting Edge: The Reality Edition on U.S. television? Whom would you like to see compete? Or is there another way to pull off the same concept with more popular American sports? (Skating With the NBA, anyone?)