Does everyone else love this idea as much as I do? The Academy has announced that Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will cohost this season’s Oscar telecast on March 7, 2010. And I for one say Hallelujah! They’re both adept comedians who’ll certainly play off each other well. Their upcoming romantic comedy with Meryl Streep, It’s Complicated, stands to be one of the highlights of the holiday movie season (not to mention a dark horse for a Best Picture nomination). And for telecast coproducer Adam Shankman and the Oscars themselves, they’re a combination of something old and something new: As I mentioned last week when I tossed out a few host ideas, Shankman directed Martin (a two-time previous Oscar host, in 2001 in 2003) in Bringing Down the House. As for Baldwin, he may not have major award-show hosting experience, but he did emcee Elle magazine’s Women in Hollywood event last month, where he clearly enjoyed himself. Oh, and there are the 14 episodes of SNL he’s hosted. So I’m quite optimistic about this pairing. Now if only they’d switch back to five Best Picture nominees…

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Image credit: Baldwin: RD/Dziekan/Retna Ltd.; Martin: Donna Ward