A new kid-oriented video site Jaroo launched today, serving up episodes of around 50 children’s shows, from ’80s hits like Inspector Gadget to the perhaps lesser-known Siegfried & Roy cartoon. There’s old-school stop-motion Paddington, Madeline, and live-action shows that I’m too old to recognize.

It’s a cool enough site, and it’s a decent way to monetize content that’s otherwise just gathering dust somewhere — Beverly Hills Teens, anyone? Sadly, though, none of the videos are embeddable, which for me invalidates any comparisons to Hulu.

Jaroo’s line-up should continue to grow (it’s from Cookie Jar Entertainment, which owns a vault of childrens’ programming), but there is one glaring error from where I sit: No David the Gnome. Bring me David the Gnome, Jaroo!

PopWatchers, are there childhood classics on here you’ll be going back to? Ahem, Legend of Zelda cartoon, I missed you, old friend.