Usually, during the Tuesday-afternoon slump between Dancing With the Stars installments, I get all wriggly and irritable and do not have “beautiful lines” as I start jonesing for my next fix of sophisticated televised dancing. This video featuring all of Charlie Day’s dance moves from seasons 1-5 of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has really calmed me down. He is such an elegant technician. Charlie’s white long johns while he’s in bed with a pooping Danny DeVito even resemble a primo ballerino‘s footed performance tights. He takes my breath away with his balance. Still, even though this is ostensibly a video about dancing, my favorite part is his sudden recognition of “daylight!” What’s yours?

Creator eisentower30 also compiled over seven minutes of footage called “Charlie Gets Intense.” I’ll save it for a non-Dancing day.

Psych! I will do no such thing.