I personally went into Greek‘s midseason finale Monday not even caring so much what happened — I just wanted to bask in the glory of Cappie and Casey finally having gotten together. We got to do that for a bit, complete with wonderfully Greekalicious lines. (Casey on continuing to keep their relationship secret: “Yesterday, Ash wanted to know why I have this smile, and I couldn’t think of an excuse, so I told her I was thinking about the rise and fall of Mischa Barton.”) But we also got, OMG, Songfest! How about Ashleigh’s amazing singing voice? And that final Gamma Psi-ass-kicking final dance number to “Good Girls Go Bad”? (Even if it didn’t win against those cheating Gamma Psis …)

Along with wallowing in all the guiltiest pleasures Greek reliably provides, I was also relieved Cappie and Casey were forced to reveal their rekindled relationship after some PDA in front of Cappie’s brothers…I didn’t want to spend next season — or even a few episodes — in keeping-this-from-Evan mode. The Rusty-Dale rivalry bogged things down a bit — I was so into the juicier stuff that I didn’t like it slowing my momentum, though it did gift us with that hilariously lame smack-talk at their project presentation. (Rusty: “If I’m the anchor, then you’re the canker…sore…in my mouth.”) Oh, and the BattleBot-off was pretty cool, complete with Karate Kid-homage song “You’re the Best” (exactly the kind of detail that endears us to this show).

Aside from that, this episode did what this show does best, weaving a bunch of fluffy plot strands together into some suddenly serious consequences: Suspicions of Songfest tampering led the ZBZ girls to break into Gamma Psi for evidence…and, oops, possibly start a fire that burned down their pretty house. Cappie and Evan’s below-the-surface rivalry ruined their attempt to bring their two houses together by pranking campus police — and resulted in the suspension of the Kappa Tau brothers left holding the officer’s golf cart aloft (suspended on a rope alongside the parking garage…boys really do love complicated pranks, don’t they?).

And so Greek scored another great cliffhanger: Will ZBZ fess up to the arson? Will Dale or Rusty emerge as the ultimate science geek when winners of the fellowship are announced next semester? Is there any hope for Cappie and Evan after this falling out? What do you think, PopWatchers?