Yes, the Colbert Nation really is stepping in for bankrupt DSB Bank NV as the official sponsor of the U.S. speedskating team just in time to rescue America’s hopes to take home lots of medals winter at the Vancouver Olympics. The sport of Apolo Anton Ohno (the one that doesn’t involve the paso doble) got a boost when Stephen Colbert basically volunteered his own fans on last night’s Colbert Report to back the team, which will apparently wear Colbert Nation logos on their uniforms:

According to the BBC, the sponsorship will rely on Colbert Nation — that is, the show’s viewers — to donate funds to the team, as they have in the past to get NASA treadmills and bald eagles named in their hero’s honor. (The goal: to make up the $300,000 difference left by DSB.) You can donate here.

So what do you think, PopWatchers? How much will you donate to the cause? Will this inspire you to watch more speedskating? Will Colbert reach the $300,000 goal?