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Things got slightly juicier during the second day of Good Morning America‘s Ally McBeal reunion after getting through the basics yesterday. Calista Flockhart addressing the “Is Feminism Dead?” Time magazine cover that put her face next to those of Gloria Steinem and Susan B. Anthony: “I think that the point they were trying to make that there wasn’t really a modern feminist woman to look towards. And it, in some way, it was oddly flattering that Ally McBeal was now who we are looking at. However, I also thought: This is a fictional television character, and to compare her with Susan B. Anthony is slightly ludicrous and not really a fair comparison.”

Creator/exec producer David E. Kelley, meanwhile, tackled taking on Robert Downey Jr. — at a time when he was a down-and-out punchline instead of a massive box office star — to in some ways replace the eventually-dead love of Ally’s life, Billy: “Uh, it was pretty difficult. One of the deficits of the great emotional connection between Billy and Ally is: After Billy, then what? And the ‘what’ didn’t come for quite some time until we finally found Robert.” Could’ve used a surprise visit from Downey Jr. to really liven things up, but, hey, we’ll take what we can get.

What did you think, PopWatchers? Did the reunion pique your interest in Ally McBeal again? (If so, you’re in luck! It’s — not so coincidentally — now out on DVD!) Anything you wish they’d covered but didn’t in this all-too-quick reunion?