By Ken Tucker
Updated November 03, 2009 at 07:52 PM EST

As my colleague Michael “The Master” Ausiello has reported, Adrian Pasdar is leaving Heroes. Which raises the question, what should he do next? I’d rather not see him stuck as a supporting player on another courtroom drama, as he was for years on Judging Amy. (Um, not that I watched Judging Amy.)

I’d kinda love it if someone hugely creative proposed a remake of Pasdar’s brilliant-but-cancelled 1996-97 series Profit, the great, strange John McNamara show about a super-eccentric, ruthless businessman:

(Maybe some Lost producer wants to tackle this after Lost disappears?)

Should Pasdar try for a period drama? I’ll bet Pasdar looked at Mad Men when it first premiered and said, “Damn, I wish I was Don Draper!”

Or should Pasdar do the try-a-different-genre thing that revitalizes careers (see: Ted Danson goes from sitcoms to Damages and ka-boom! — his stock goes through the roof).

That would probably mean: Adrian Pasdar, sitcom star. Time to take a meeting with Chuck Lorre, Adrian.

What sort of role would you like to see Pasdar in?