As my colleague Michael “The Master” Ausiello has reported, Adrian Pasdar is leaving Heroes. Which raises the question, what should he do next? I’d rather not see him stuck as a supporting player on another courtroom drama, as he was for years on Judging Amy. (Um, not that I watched Judging Amy.)

I’d kinda love it if someone hugely creative proposed a remake of Pasdar’s brilliant-but-cancelled 1996-97 series Profit, the great, strange John McNamara show about a super-eccentric, ruthless businessman:

(Maybe some Lost producer wants to tackle this after Lost disappears?)

Should Pasdar try for a period drama? I’ll bet Pasdar looked at Mad Men when it first premiered and said, “Damn, I wish I was Don Draper!”

Or should Pasdar do the try-a-different-genre thing that revitalizes careers (see: Ted Danson goes from sitcoms to Damages and ka-boom! — his stock goes through the roof).

That would probably mean: Adrian Pasdar, sitcom star. Time to take a meeting with Chuck Lorre, Adrian.

What sort of role would you like to see Pasdar in?