Wes Anderson
Credit: Nick Sadler/

Sounds like Wes Anderson might be blasting off in the direction of Planet Quirk. “I’d like to do a movie in space,” the director told Access Hollywood reporter (and former EW intern) Dave Greenwald at the premiere of his new movie Fantastic Mr. Fox. “If possible I would like to try to actually shoot some of it on location in space. That’s my preference.”

Let’s go over some pros and cons here.

PRO: You know this movie would look super-cool and interesting, like The Life Aquatic times 10. Especially if Anderson got to shoot on location.

CON: He would definitely not get to shoot on location.

PRO: Awesome soundtrack opportunities. Ziggy Stardust! Sun Ra! Kool Keith! Some obscure yet oddly catchy old French record about astronauts from Wes Anderson’s personal collection!

CON: In space, can anyone hear you express highly literate angst?

PRO: If Anderson portrays space aliens as patronizing stereotypes, at least it won’t be offensive like it is when he does that to human beings.

Okay, perhaps we’re getting ahead of ourselves based on this one out-of-context quote. (Anderson said in the same interview that this will not be his next project.) But I think, in sum, that an Anderson-helmed sci-fi flick is a flawed but intriguing idea. I’d totally go see this movie if it ever came to be. How about you?

Photo credit: Nick Sadler/