No big surprises this weekend: The World Series sucked up the vast majority of TV viewership, clocking in at 21 million fans for Sunday’s Game 4 and 12.2 million for Saturday’s Game 3, according to preliminary figures from Nielsen. Interest in the Yankees-Phillies series is building (aside from the understandable dip on Saturday given both the day of the week and the Halloween holiday) as New York moves toward possibly clinching the title in five games tonight. The games won both nights for Fox, while CBS took Friday as usual with perfectly relocated Medium (7.7 million) towering over ABC’s fading Ugly Betty (4.5 million).

Here, a look at Sunday’s lineup:

TimeShowViewers (in millions)

7 p.m.

60 Minutes (CBS)


8 p.m.

2009 World Series (Fox)


9 p.m.

Desperate Housewives (ABC)


10 p.m.

Brothers & Sisters (ABC)