A few weeks ago, I wrote a review of the videogame Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, and I remarked upon how the game’s cinematic storyline was greatly enhanced by the kind of massive, deep-dish visual detail that you just can’t get in a feature film. Uh, yeah, judging from the new trailer for next May’s Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time — a movie version of, yep, a beloved videogame — it looks like I very well may have been utterly wrong:

The smudgy video quality aside, this flick looks about as close to a live-action version of a modern video-game as I think I may have ever seen this side of Tron: Legacy, and that’s saying something, given that producer Jerry Bruckheimer has made some of the most videogame-y movies of the last 10 years. The trailer even includes shots of star Jake Gyllenhaal quickly leaping between walls, a touchstone of sorts for the videogame series. Less geek-ily exciting: We barely see Gyllenhaal speak, which makes me wonder if perhaps his British accent is indeed as sketchy as it comes across here. More worrying (for some), there’s barely half-a-second of Gyllenhaal shirtlessness, which heretofore felt like practically the entire campaign for the film.

What say you, PopWatchers: Are you ready to press play for this movie Prince, or are you content simply to play the (highly) pixelated version of him at home?