Today in the Venn diagram of Things We Love and Things Europe Has a Lock On: sprightly blond glitch-pop pixies. The magical continent that brought us Robyn, Annie, and Lykke Li has yielded yet another Girl Wonder: 22-year-old Welsh songstress Ellie Goulding.

Goulding has already found some fame over there, collaborating with the likes of Mark Ronson and FrankMusic and touring with Little Boots; honestly, she had me at her covers (Bon Iver’s spooky campfire sketch “The Wolves (Act 1 and II”) rendered in stunning a capella; a Bjork-meets-mad-Chipmunks take on Sam Sparro’s techno-romantique torcher “Black and Gold”). Then mournful little sonic icicle “Wish I’d Stayed” sealed the deal; she sounds like The Never Ending Story’s Childlike Empress, post disco-bender comedown. Delightful!

Her debut isn’t actually due in England until June of next year, with no word yet of a U.S. release; in the meantime, find several tracks streaming on her MySpace (including the aforementioned covers), and listen to the enchanting “Starry Eyed,” below:

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