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So Tommy came back from his Mexican meditation stint and so did his whiny energy. I couldn’t delight in it the way his siblings and mother did. (Maybe Mandi will have a different take when she returns next week). Even as he was being Zen Tommy, being supportive of Justin’s attempt to be a doctor and being all calm and stuff, I just knew he’d be back to his old ways, somehow blaming others for his bad behavior. This time Nora bore the brunt of it.When Nora found out that Tommy’s wife Julia wanted a divorce and wasn’t letting him see their daughter, she went to work pleading with him to not allow that. But instead he went on about how she needed to let him fix his own messes and stay out of his life. True, Nora specializes in butting into her kids’ lives but Tommy was really angry because he knew she was right and he needed to fight at least to be in his kid’s life. But it would take as special backyard talk with Kitty to drive that home. And first Norah had to have her own breakthrough realization that she had always given Tommy high expectations, at least behaviorally, because she needed him to always do the right thing while she dealt with her four other children.

In other news, Sarah’s daughter gave her mother’s boyfriend, yummy Frenchman Luc (Gilles Marini), the greenlight to stay in the guest bedroom. I still don’t think that’s a good idea, for a variety of reasons. Also, weaselly Ryan is really trying to stick it to the Walkers by selling them out to David Purdham but at least the newly broke Holly didn’t bite when he offered to buy out her stake in Ojai.

And Scotty and Kevin had a big fight over whether or not their friend/surrogate should sign a contract. Scotty was clearly wrong about going super-casual about it but they had to go through the whole arc of seeing Tommy’s troubles to appreciate that. And it was very sweet of Kevin to go and make nice with the seemingly flightly girl, and i’m sure he’s sincere that he wants her to work out, but I see more trouble between them in the future.

How about you guys? Where do you think Luc and Sarah are going? What’ll come of the Purdham/Holly story line? Were you happy to see Tommy again?

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