Is there nothing that can’t be turned into a Wii game? Yoga? Cooking? Science experiments? They’ve all gone the way of the Wii. And now even playing with a baby doll can be Wii-ified: Baby and Me lets you strap a Wiimote to your favorite doll and then quantify how good you are at playing with it. There’s also a special doll that’s Wiimote-enabled, should you prefer that route.

Alas, the game will be released only in Australia — a rep for 505 Games says there are no plans for a U.S. release. Looks like we’ll have to enjoy “ten baby mode games” plus balance board support vicariously. Also, could everyone take a minute and listen to “William Wants a Doll” and admit maybe a boy would want to play with this, too, and that this could have been packaged to appeal to both girls and boys? Hmph.

I guess the concept of Wii-ified dolls is a little weird, but honestly, I would have been all about this game when I was little. Competitive, digitized doll-playing? Talk about a trifecta. Where do you fall on the “it’s awesome” to “it’s creeping me the hell out, that robot won’t teach my baby to love ” spectrum, PopWatchers?