Credit: ABC

Ah, short skirts, unisex bathrooms, dancing babies, and killing feminism. The cast of Ally McBeal all got together to reminisce about the show that tackled all that (often through song-and-dance numbers) in the first of two group interviews on this morning’s Good Morning America to celebrate the long-awaited release of the beloved hit on DVD. Calista Flockhart and company didn’t reveal much of any consequence, except that they’ve all aged rather gently in the past 12 years since the show’s debut and that Ally was struggling with balancing career and baby-making urges, blah blah. (“I think it was her biological clock, it was representative of that tick,” Flockhart said of the famous computer-generated tyke. Duh.) We, of course, have seen her on Brothers & Sisters and Jane Krakowski (who joined them via satellite from New York) on 30 Rock. But, oh, it was wonderfully nostalgic to see Gil Bellows (is it possible he looks more fabulous now than he did with all his hair, or do I just miss this show?), club chanteuse Vonda Shepard, and, most definitely, Lisa Nicole Carson. She’s been MIA from public view since having her huge moment while playing Renee on the show (and doubling up as Eriq LaSalle’s girlfriend on ER at the same time). She may or may not have been obliquely referencing her struggles when Tom Bergeron asked her about playing one of the show’s “least eccentric” characters and she cracked, “That’s a testimony to what a good actress I am.” But nonetheless, it was lovely to see the gang together again — here’s to hoping things get a little juicier tomorrow.

What did you think, PopWatchers? Did the GMA appearance make you miss Ally McBeal? Will you tune into part 2 of the reunion? Anything in particular you hope they address tomorrow?

Photo Credit: ABC