Last year, when Universal Studios and Hasbro announced a six-year deal to produce movies based on the toy company’s board games, it seemed to be just the latest bit of confirmation, as if any was needed, that Hollywood had completely run out of original ideas. Were audiences really clamoring for big-screen versions of Candy Land and Monopoly? What would be next: a Pictionary movie? A Hungry Hungry Hippos feature? Now, though, comes news that two writers from Lost, Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz, who also wrote the screenplay for the upcoming Tron Legacy, have signed on to write a Ouija board movie—and suddenly I’m wondering if I need to actually take this thing seriously. The studio is billing the project as “a supernatural action-adventure movie” and hints that the plot may involve some of those supposed Ouija board rules that gave you goose bumps back in elementary school: never use it alone, never use it in a graveyard, always say goodbye at the end of a Ouija session. I’m still skeptical—a full-on horror movie would seem like a more suitable way to go than some Jumanji-esque action-adventure flick. But I have to admit, with credible talent on board (so to speak), the idea sounds cool enough that my fingers may be slowly pushing the Ouija thingy toward “Yes” on this one.

What say you, oh spirits of the PopWatch realm: does the idea of a Ouija board movie fill you with excitement or dread? While we’re at it, have you ever had an experience with a Ouija board that genuinely freaked you out?

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