Happy November 1st. It’s that time when the networks roll out new episodes, guest stars, and stunts in hopes of driving up their ratings for advertisers.

But you don’t care about that business stuff; you want to know what you should not miss. Here’s my guide to the best stuff. Set your DVRs!

CSI: Can’t get enough Laurence Fishburne? Starting Nov. 9, he’ll be the linchpin in a three-show crossover, searching for clues on CSI, CSI: Miami, and CSI: New York. No word on whether his search is for William Petersen.

V: The hotsy, health-care-providing aliens invade us on Tuesday, Nov. 3. It’s great to see Scott Wolf and Elizabeth Mitchell in such a juicy new show — V immediately transcends its old-show-remake status. By the Nov. 24 episode, Wolf and Mitchell’s characters will have uncovered a biological threat posed by the deceptively-serene aliens.

Supernatural: Look for Sam and Dean to show up in parodies of CSI, Grey’s Anatomy, a Japanese game show, and a sitcom, in a Nov. 5 episode entitled “Changing Channels.” One thing about the show this season: the more out-there stuff it attempts, the more fun Supernatural becomes.

Family Guy Presents: Seth and Alex’s Almost Live Comedy Show: With one major advertiser already having pulled out of this Nov. 8 special, you know that Seth MacFarlane probably has some amazingly tasteless stuff planned; can’t wait.

Glee: On Nov. 11, the episode called “Wheels” centers around, finally, Kevin McHale’s Artie. The musical students perform in wheelchairs — the phrase “Big wheels keep on turnin'” never sounded so apt — and we learn more about Artie’s background.

Criminal Minds: The top-rated serial-killer series works in former-Bush Gavin Rossdale as a rocker with a vampire stage persona on Nov. 11. And the series hits its 100th episode on Nov. 25 with nothing less than a Nietzsche-themed episode. The philosopher who said, “God is dead” may be the ultimate unsub.

Fringe: The Observer is back… or rather multiple Observers are all around, on the Nov. 19 episode of TV’s currently coolest unexplained-phenomena-plus-acid TV series.

Modern Family: On Nov. 18, Elizabeth Banks guest stars as an old pal of Mitchell and Cameron’s. And you thought Phil just acted all goofy around Gloria…

What shows are you most looking forward to this month?

Let me know below, please. Thanks.

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