As expected, the new Avatar trailer is drawing both praise and criticism. But one thing is certain: this three-minute tease gives audiences some context as to what’s really going on in James Cameron’s latest could-be masterpiece. But what took so long to get here? Sure, I get how all the effects weren’t ready until recently, but what the first trailer lacked was some introduction into what the story was all about (not to mention answers on who were those crazy-looking blue creatures and why Sam Worthington got to live inside one). Insiders tell me the creative minds at Fox have been living with this film for more than two years and after releasing the first footage, they realized they needed to step back and give moviegoers some more information – fill in the gaps, if you will – that was left out from the initial teaser trailer. The studio has also been very calculating in how they debut all of the Avatar footage (the film opens on Dec. 18). The latest trailer went up last weekend in theaters only and just debuted online yesterday. It’ll hit TV on Sunday for NFL football and Game 4 of the World Series after it shows up on the Dallas Cowboys’ enormous jumbo-tron during its game against the Seattle Seahawks. Sports fans, is this movie for you?