The stars of ''Paranormal Activity'' talk about their sudden celeb status

No more waiting tables or computer-programming. The stars of Paranormal Activity are suddenly celebs.

Age 27
Hometown Dallas

Life Before Paranormal
The Texas SMU grad’s only prior credit was a bit part in the 2006 straight-to-DVD flick Mutation. Until recently, she made a living waiting tables at an Italian restaurant in L.A. Just before she quit, she had her first fan encounter. ”I was wearing my lovely uniform, which included a pocket protector and a tomato-covered tie,” she laughs. ”These customers were like, ‘Can we have a picture?’ So somewhere out there, there’s a picture of me in a horrendous uniform. I hope they keep that private.”

Adjusting to Fame
”I was excited about the hotel room Paramount put us up in in New York, so I took a picture of the bathroom and tweeted, ‘We’ve got fancy digs!’ Somebody recognized where it was and re-tweeted: ‘The kids from Paranormal Activity are staying at this hotel!’ I went, What?! I haven’t wrapped my head around everything.”

Age 28
Hometown Westport, Conn.

Life Before Paranormal
Though he’s been making his living as a computer programmer (a job he’ll soon be leaving), Sloat never met an artistic pursuit he didn’t like. He did theater and ran the campus television station while in college at Skidmore. He plays guitar (and contributed some of the tunes heard in Paranormal). He also sings in a barbershop choir, which he promises isn’t as dorky as it sounds. ”Someone who has no musical background might see it as overly zealous men singing in harmony,” he laughs. ”But I get really into it. I’m bringing it back. Justin Timberlake can have sexy, I’ll have barbershop.”

Adjusting to Fame
Sloat’s Facebook inbox has been much more crowded lately. ”This one guy was like, ‘We were on a Little League team together. You’re the best, congrats!’ I get some really great stuff.”