It was an odd hour of TV, to say the least. Kim wore a prototype of of her wig line. Sheree wore Dolce & Gabbana and claimed not to have fake boobs. (Good bra, my foot.) Lisa imagined there was public interest in a sex tape starring her and Ed. NeNe continued to express shock over having found herself in a roomful of Asians—and not even the American kind. Andy asked Kim to just take her damn wig off once and for all, but I fear Kim is at this very moment trying to orchestrate a big reveal in Life & Style magazine. Big Poppa apparently showed up during a commercial break, which suggests that Kim will not in fact be shoveling s— any time soon.

Kim looked peeved throughout the hour, annoyed that Betty in East Hampton dared to wonder how many glasses of wine she drank a day, annoyed that Sheree defined the word mistress, annoyed that Andy brought up her non-cancer scare. When Andy tried to suss out how in fact Kim and NeNe made up, she insisted that he “keep it movin’, keep movin’.” Kim blamed their problems on “miscommunication” and “Housewives from other counties.” (“What’s the other one?” she asked, twirling a crazy finger around her head. “Ramona!”). Andy didn’t believe these two, who were literally at each other’s throats this season, were now suddenly bosom buddies again. The other Housewives looked like they didn’t care one way or the other.

The most amusing segment of the show, and one of the moments where Andy really shined, was when our amiable host (“Hey…boo!”) grilled Kim about Big Poppa. “Does he still support you?” asked Andy. “Mmmn, not really, I mean, not really,” said Kim. Okay, so yes, Big Poppa is still 100% supporting her. But Kim went on to insist that that blasted song was paying the bills, and that she’d invested wisely after her working days as a home healthcare aide and a cocktail waitress. She is an independent woman doing it for herself and if that meant she had to shovel s— at Target or McDonalds then she would do just that. “No, I know,but you’re not shoveling s—,” Andy pointed out. That line alone might be enough to finally convince me to watch an episode of his late night show.

There were two completely candid moments during the hour. The first was during a clearly still stunned Kandi’s description of the night A.J. died. The tears had started rolling, Kim had enveloped her like an old baloney sandwich. Kandi, raw and exposed, asked for some tissues. I don’t know what it was about her unpolished request that touched me so — maybe it’s that she is just starting to walk up to her stages of grief and yet somehow was stuck sitting on a velour sofa in a one-shouldered dress next to a woman who was talking about her Bahama Breeze-funded IRA. The other honest moment occurred during the tail-end of a discussion about NeNe’s search for her real father. Andy wondered why she just didn’t go on ahead and reach out to the man who raised her, and who has since dropped contact with her. NeNe worked her lower jaw, biting at the inside of her mouth, trying not to cry. This is a show dedicated to melodrama and overreaction. To watch someone try to resist their emotions and maintain their composure was the evening’s ultimate twist.

In Part 2 of the Reunion special, Kim dons gloves and wobbles from side to side junior high-style during a performance of “Tardy for the Party.”

What did you all think? Which of the ladies gave the best ‘bitch, please’ look? I vote for Sheree’s toxic eye roll when Lisa said she was wearing Closet Freak. Did Andy do a good job grilling the ladies?