On a very special night of Halloween-themed (or at least tinged) NBC programming, our four sitcom leads dealt with the holiday in their own true-to-character way. Jeff Winger dressed up only to try and sleep with someone. Michael Scott donned a “D— in a Box” costume and terrified little Scrantonites. Liz Lemon ignored it. And Leslie Knope…detained an underage vandalism suspect hostage at the office, then egged and TPed his house. “I WILL waterboard you!” she screamed at the kid in question, Greg Pikitis. I think we have a winner!

Of course it wasn’t all torture humor in Pawnee last night. While Leslie and Officer Dave (now an official couple, at least according to her) were busy prying a confession from Dennis the Menace, Raggedy Anne (pictured) was busy throwing a…not that fun Halloween party. The Almond Joys and “Monster Mash” soundtrack weren’t even enough for one of her awkward doctor friends, who left early. And grabbed the bottle of wine he had gifted on the way out. “Nobody was drinking it, so I’m gonna take it.” Who will save this party?!

ENTER TOM. Dressed as T-Pain, the man Anne had actually avoided inviting to the party showed up with his pseudo-wife, Wendy (“She’s a surgeon at county general. And she’s SUPER-HOT!”), and got things popping by turning the living room into a dance floor. Doctors, nurses — even Ron f—in’ Swanson got in on the action. Party saved!

Back at the ranch, Greg’s mom showed up to chew our heroes out for detaining her son. She got to Andy, the newest Parks employee: “I don’t even know WHO to talk to about YOU!” “The President of the United States.” The Pikitises threatened to sue before storming out of the building. But Leslie was still convinced that no one but Greg could have vandalized their office. Vowing revenge in a way only Leslie would deem age-appropriate, she and Andy went to Greg’s house with eggs and toilet paper.

A woman came out of the house, demanding to know what was going on. Turns out “Greg’s mom” wasn’t actually Greg’s mom, but an impersonator he hired on Craigslist (it wasn’t the first time). And he wasn’t even home, but back at the statue Leslie was convinced he’d vandalize the way he did the year before. Leslie, Dave, Andy, and Greg’s mom went to catch him. Suspicions confirmed. Suspect proven guilty. A Happy, happy Halloween for the Pawnee Parks Department.

Tonight’s choice quotes:

“It takes us like ten days to clean his mess up. But more importantly, Greg Pikitis sucks. And I want to destroy him.” – Leslie, explaining her personal vendetta to Anne

“She’s focused, she’s committed, and she made out with me in my cop car. Pretty neat. …I shouldn’t have said that, that’s clear to me now.” – Officer Dave, on Leslie

“My name is Burt Macklin. I’m with the f—in’ FBI.” – Andy, taking on interrogation duties with Pikitis

“Take the pigs in the blanket and put ’em to sleep. We ’bout to get wild!” – Tom

What did everyone think about last night’s episode? Does your upcoming Halloween party need a little T-Hav action? Is this the last we’ve seen of Greg Pikitis? Fire away in the comments, y’all.