If you have not seen Paranormal Activity yet and don’t want to know how it ends, DO NOT read any further.

Before Steven Spielberg suggested the finale you see on screen in the current cut of the super low-budget horror flick that’s taken the box office by storm, writer-director Oren Peli considered a handful of other options. “There were a lot of different endings that were shot,” says Micah Sloat, who costars in the film as Katie Featherston’s dubious-about-the-supernatural boyfriend. “We could probably do a chose-your-own adventure DVD of the entire movie, we have so many separate story threads didn’t make the final cut of the movie for whatever reason.” Here are three of those endings.


In the original, Katie returns to the bedroom, bloody, in a trance, and holding a knife. Time passes until a neighbor drops by the house to check on them, only to find Micah’s dead body. She screams, calls the cops, they come, and after encountering Micah’s corpse, they climb the stairs and find Katie in the bedroom. She snaps out of the trance as soon as the cops shine a flashlight on her. She comes toward them. Then, when a door slams (the demon at work, again!), a startled cop shoots her dead. This one was available on Youtube earlier this week, but has since been deleted by Paramount.


In this version, which the actors say “really disturbed audiences,” Katie goes back to the bedroom after the melee downstairs. She grins at the camera — and slits her own throat. The demon then leaves her body, and Katie falls lifelessly to the floor.


A possessed Katie corners Micah and bludgeons him with his precious camera, while viewers watch from the camera’s POV. This version of the ending was so complicated — not to mention brutal — that Peli never actually shot it.

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