Sarah Palin and Penelope Cruz were in the news this week

Sarah Palin resurfaces in a big way on Nov. 17, which is either a great development or a horrible one, depending on which book you read
Sarah Palin’s 2008 vice presidential run was rife with parody (hi, Tina Fey!). So it’s only natural that the Nov. 17 release of Palin’s memoir, Going Rogue: An American Life, would attract some lampooning. Two other similarly titled books about the ex — Alaska governor will also ship that day: Going Rouge: Sarah Palin — An American Nightmare, a collection of critical essays about Palin by the likes of New York Times columnist Frank Rich and novelist Tom Perrotta, and the parody Going Rouge: The Sarah Palin Rogue Coloring & Activity Book, by Michael Stinson and Julie Sigwart.

Nightmare publisher OR Books isn’t releasing preorder sales numbers, but OR cofounder John Oakes says their system crashed the day news of their book began circulating. The bulk of consumers’ cash will likely be headed to Palin, who has already received a reported $7 million advance from HarperCollins. And with Palin appearing on Oprah Nov. 16, the publisher is preparing for gargantuan sales: It has ordered 1.5 million copies.

Because there’s so much interest in Palin’s memoir, OR Books has been approached by mainstream publishers who are looking to put Nightmare in stores. (Right now, the plan is to sell it online only.) But since Going Rogue and Nightmare‘s jackets look so similar, there are questions about whether buyers might accidentally buy the wrong one. HarperCollins declined to comment, but Oakes doesn’t think it’s a problem. ”The subtitle says An American Nightmare, for God’s sake,” he remarks. ”How could you read [that] and think this is a book praising Sarah Palin? Please!”
Kate Ward

C’mon, Penélope: Let’s talk about Sex and the City
Oscar winner Penélope Cruz called EW from Bali, which just so happens to be where rumored fiancé Javier Bardem is filming Eat, Pray, Love. Cruz, 35, wouldn’t comment on her personal life, but she did slip us a few hints about her part in the Sex and the City sequel (due in theaters May 28). So who’s her character? ”It’s a cameo,” says Cruz, who joins fellow celebrity drop-ins Miley Cyrus and Liza Minnelli. ”I don’t play myself. It was one day.” Luckily, the Nine star is chattier about her longtime SATC love. ”I’ve seen every single episode so many times,” she gushes. ”I really think Sarah Jessica Parker is one of the greatest actresses out there. She’s so funny! I loved spending that day with her.” Enough, Penélope! This is a long-distance call.
Adam Markovitz

Another Streep catches acting bug
Are you ready for an Entourage for teens? New dramedy Gigantic, premiering early 2010 on TeenNick, chronicles the life of Hollywood high schooler and child of movie stars Anna — played by Meryl Streep‘s daughter Grace Gummer, left. (Her older sister, Mamie, has appeared on Broadway and in films like Stop-Loss.) The 23-year-old says she’s drawing on her normal early years in Connecticut to keep her character relatable. ”I feel like I can be myself,” she says. ”I’m channeling that time in my life when everything was a bit harder.”
Jennifer Armstrong