By now you’ve probably heard the reports that Hugh Jackman has turned down an offer to repeat as next year’s Academy Awards host. But is this really a big shock? Jackman won raves for his emceeing skills at this year’s telecast—why shouldn’t he quit while he’s on top? Plus, it’s not like he’s a host by trade and needs to further that image in people’s minds. He’s a movie star, so I’m sure he’d rather focus on his real career instead of taking on what must be one of the most stressful and financially thankless jobs around.

So who should producers Adam Shankman and Bill Mechanic turn to now? One of Shankman’s Hairspray cast members like John Travolta or even (gasp!) Zac Efron? How about his Wedding Planner leading lady Jennifer Lopez? And don’t forget he worked with past Oscar host Steve Martin in Bringing Down the House. Shankman loves surprising people, so I doubt he’ll go for the obvious.

Who would you like to see put on the tuxedo next March? An actor or actress? A singer? Or a professional host? And remember, I’m also on Twitter (@davekarger) for all your Oscar needs.

Image credit: Michael Yarda/A.M.P.A.S.