Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on Michael Jackson, ''Parks and Recreation,'' and Diablo Cody

By EW Staff
October 30, 2009 at 04:00 AM EDT

Feedback from our readers

Last Dance
I want to compliment Josh Rottenberg for his beautiful, well-crafted article about Michael Jackson and this most anticipated film. He and Chris Nashawaty — who wrote an amazing tribute to the pop legend in your special commemorative July issue — have written some of the best Jackson articles around. They’ve moved me beyond words. I am a dedicated Jackson fan, so I’ve read many pieces on him in different magazines, but none are as good as yours.
Ali Hoyt
Tolland, Conn.

Poor Kenny Ortega! As I read the incredible list of his choreography achievements in your Michael Jackson story, I couldn’t help but notice how many of his collaborators passed away this summer — John Hughes, Patrick Swayze, and Michael Jackson.
Carrie Tobias
Wilton, Conn.

A Criminal Offense
In a sidebar to the NCIS: Los Angeles feature, you listed TV’s best procedurals. I was disappointed not to see Fringe. ”Best Gore” would have worked, or maybe ”Best Eew Factor.”
Teri Bohl
Fruita, Colo.

”Best Ensemble”: Castle? No — it’s Bones, with the Squint Squad, the interns, attorney Caroline Julian, and family members Parker, Max, Russ, and Jared.
Mary Kirby-Diaz
Long Island

Broadway Bound
More theater reviews, please! I enjoyed this issue, but I want — need — more!
Tom Ray
Woodbridge, Va.

Senior editor Thom Geier responds: For up-to-date theater coverage and reviews of new shows like Finian’s Rainbow and Brighton Beach Memoirs on Broadway, go to (Jazz hands are optional.)

Say It Ain’t So!
Thank you for informing us of NBC’s cancellation of Southland. That was by far the best new show on TV. I knew I should have been worried when it got bumped to Friday nights.
Mary Sheridan
Tustin, Calif.

Parks Service
I was pleased to see Ken Tucker’s glowing review of Parks and Recreation. I definitely think that the audience gave up on the show last season. If only everyone realized how much better it’s gotten! I’m afraid we have another Arrested Development on our hands. Kudos to NBC for sticking with it thus far.
Micah Lee
Anaheim, Calif.

Columnist Diablo Cody brings out the Sweet Valley High fan in many of you

Cody’s recent musings on SVH really hit home with EW readers. ”I almost peed my pants with excitement when I read Diablo’s column,” enthused Ashley McLain. ”I was that girl whose entire bookshelf was sherbet-hued from my SVH collection.” ”Diablo Cody must live in my head,” echoed Cindy Neff. ”She thinks exactly like I do. Her subject matter strikes a chord with my inner dork!” Jerilee Erickson wrote, ”I’m pretty sure I came close to shedding tears while reading! Thanks for the flood of happy memories.” And there was this from Jason Vaile: ”Only Diablo could make me, a 38-year-old male construction worker, read an entire article about Sweet Valley High. Don’t tell anyone I work with, but she kinda made me want to go see it when it comes out.” Not everyone was so happy, though. ”Ms. Cody’s column started as a welcome take on pop culture with a nice balance of wit and snark,” said D. Reardon. ”But lately it seems to be transforming into a diary of her nascent showbiz career.”