''Mad Men,'' Keanu Reeves, and Amy Winehouse made pop culture news this week

· Gloria Steinem invades Mad Men‘s writing room — gives Joan, Betty backbones (and killer speeches).
· FlashForward gets better and better every week.
· Top Chef: Just Desserts. Yum!
· Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow to reunite on Cougar Town! Snubbed, Gunther would cry into a pile of money if he had one.

· Victoria Beckham comes out as a hoarder. Suddenly gets more interesting to us — and Delta Burke.
· Angelina Jolie couldn’t make it to Kelly Osbourne’s 25th birthday party so she sent her lips instead.
· Brad Pitt: Auditioning for ZZ Top
· Keanu Reeves says he’s an Avril Lavigne fan. Her main songwriting team is called the Matrix. Coincidence? Or a glitch in the matrix?
· Kenny G insists on releasing a new album even though pop culture was done with him in 1992.

· Amy Winehouse celebrates Halloween by attaching two new pumpkins to her chest.
· We haven’t seen Levi Johnston’s Johnston yet and we’re already sick of it.
· P!nk fills in for Adam Lambert on his new album cover.
· Susan Lucci, don’t smile too hard or your face will freeze that way…Oh, wait.
· Man vs. Wild to become a videogame. Wonder what the button combo will be for ”drink urine from snakeskin bladder”?
· Annoying Rita on Dexter. Someone needs to murder this marriage before it kills the show.