By Tanner Stransky
Updated October 30, 2009 at 04:30 PM EDT

After the debut of Adam Lambert’s new single, it seemed like maybe we’d tapped out the gift-giving gods of the music world today. But no, they just keep giving! Hello, the video for Britney’s new single “3” just landed on, and it’s H-O-T!

Literally, there’s steam included. (And it lands on the second anniversary of Blackout, no less.)

The recipe for said hotness? Honestly, not a whole lot. Truly, the video is sparse. But there’s not much to the single besides trite, ridiculous advocation for a ménage a trois anyway, so why would the video go any deeper? All we gots are a parade of barely-there outfits. Muscled backup dancers. One horizontal pole. Steam. A pair of sultry, lacy black tights. And a super low-cut swim suit with fun sunglasses. Stir together and voila!

As I was watching here in the office, one of my less-Britney inclined EW colleagues walked by, stopped for a minute to watch, and said: “That’s Britney Spears… now?” Yes surely, folks! It’s Britney now. Super sexy. You can debate about whether a mother of two should be writhing around in such a way, but what’s the point? Just enjoy:

Seriously, those black lace leggings are the jam.

One weird thing about the video, however, is the odd bleeping of the word “sin.” In “3,” Britney sings, “living in sin is the new thing,” but in this video it’s changed to “living in this is the new thing.” Huh? She can get humped in a thong by two strapping dudes but can’t tell the kiddies today that “living in sin is the new thing”? I’m perplexed by that. Because, clearly, living in sin is the new thing.

But, over to you MusicMixers: Do you love? Do you hate? Do you want that hot pair of heels she’s wearing at the beginning of the clip?

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