The network exec answers fans' burning questions about ''The Real Housewives of Atlanta''

With the second half of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion airing Nov. 5 at 10 p.m., we asked the host and Bravo exec Andy Cohen to answer your burning questions about everyone’s favorite feisty Southern belles.

Have you ever seen Kim’s real hair? — Toni
Never, but I’ve asked, ”Can’t you just take that damn wig off?” Kandi says that she’s seen Kim’s real hair, and it’s actually long and doesn’t look that different from the wig. If it doesn’t look that different, why is she wearing it?!

Speaking of Kim, what’s the deal with her now fiancé Big Poppa? — Max
The absolute first time I’d met him was at the reunion taping. I couldn’t believe it. What I can tell you is that he and Kim had quite a lip-lock. He and I got into an extended debate about which one of us is taller because he’s smaller than I thought he was going to be, considering that his name is Big Poppa. He was dressed to the nines.

We read stories about supposed evictions and bankruptcies. Even if they aren’t true, how can the show ignore them? — Hanah
We cover what stories happen while we’re shooting. For example, NeNe meeting her real dad happened while we were shooting.

Do you think the addition of Kandi was a success? — Emily
It was a great success, and people really fell in love with her. It’s easy to root for her, and she is self-made. Just look at what she did with ”Tardy for the Party”!

Would you ever consider adding a gay man as a regular cast member on The Real Housewives? — Ryan
I don’t think so. Housewives is usually about five or six women, and I think that’s a different show. There are gay guys in every season. What’s so funny to me is that Atlanta has wound up to be the gayest of all. That’s another thing we do in part 2 of the reunion — we do a package about ”The Real Gays of Atlanta.” It’s just the boys in high heels, and it’s so funny. You look at Lawrence and Derek J and Dwight, and it’s like, oh my Lord! You just can’t make this stuff up.

Cohen on Cohen

Cohen, Bravo’s SVP of original programming, offers some candid critiques of his on-air performance.

”I’ll tell my makeup lady I want a little tan beforehand,” Cohen says, ”and then the next day, I get e-mails from my colleagues saying, ‘Oh my God, did you go to a tanning place?”’

Cohen — and his guests — imbibe on his late-night chatfest, Watch What Happens: Live. ”There’s been some speculation,” he says, ”about my sobriety at the end of the half hour.”

”I love to talk!” Cohen says. ”So it seems like I’m talking a lot, but really I’m trying to get in as many questions as possible, so I’m usually segueing to the next viewer query.”

”I never realized I used ‘um’ so much until I did notes with my producer Michael Davies,” Cohen says of his onscreen tic. ”Oh my God, I’ve got to stop saying ‘um’!”