EW's TV scooper on ''90210,'' ''Cougar Town,'' and ''30 Rock''

90210 spoiler: Major character comes out!
90210‘s Jessica Lowndes is going to kiss a girl. And not just any Girl — Demi Moore’s daughter! Lowndes’ heretofore straight alter ego, Adrianna, will soon embark on a relationship with the show’s token lesbian, Gia, played by Rumer Willis. ”I’ve never kissed a girl before so it’s a little nerve-racking,” Lowndes confesses. The story unfolds in January, when Gia and Adrianna bond while attending AA meetings. ”Gia develops a crush on her, and Adrianna is initially freaked out,” explains 90210 executive producer Rebecca Sinclair. ”But then she starts to question her own feelings.” A full-blown romance ensues, and this could be just the tip of the same-sex iceberg. ”Frankly, it’d be great if everyone on the show was bisexual,” laughs Sinclair. ”It would provide [lots] of interesting combinations.”


From Friends to sworn enemies
It’s a Friends reunion! Sort of. Lisa Kudrow will guest-star opposite ex-Friend Courteney Cox in an episode of Cougar Town slated to air in early 2010. ”Lisa plays a horrifyingly superior and judgmental dermatologist who Jules [Cox] hates but still sees because she’s great at her job,” explains executive producer Bill Lawrence. ”When Lisa’s character starts sleeping with Jules’ ex-husband, Bobby, their contentiousness hits a new level.” But more importantly, Phoebe and Monica are together again!

30 Rock expands Liz’s family tree
30 Rock is casting the role of Liz’s (Tina Fey) fresh-out-of-the-closet cousin, Randy. No word if the closet he comes out of belongs to Kenneth.

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