So You Think You Can Dance alum Stephen Boss, the dancer currently known as tWitch, will star in Stomp The Yard 2: Homecoming. That makes sense; if there’s going to be a Stomp the Yard 2, tWitch should definitely be in it. Get this though: he’ll be playing “Taz, the antagonist.” What??? I feel like tWitch has never even been the antagonist in an argument against himself about which smirk goes best with which glasses. The most rage he’s ever shown, to our knowledge, was the first and third times he slammed the door on Katee during season 4’s “Mercy” door dance, choreographed by Mmmmmmmmia Michaels (embedded below). Who knows, maybe a bit of sweet guy-playing-villain intrigue will get people to see the movie. Would you want to see this good guy go bad?

FYI: Twitch’s website has sections called “Secret Lair” and “Blog It Out” (though he has yet to blog it out), and under “Superpowers,” it says “Ability to bring it!”

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