After Survivor: Samoa finished filming (but before it began airing), Jeff Probst told me Shambo was “one of my all-time favorite characters.… I think Shambo is going to be an audience favorite.” And once I caught a glimpse of that glorious mullet, I figured the host was on to something. But ever since then, it’s been nothing but disappointment. Yes, Shambo is something of an outcast on her tribe and we generally tend to feel sympathetic toward such figures, but consider the other evidence. Exhibit A: She lost part of the fishing gear. It actually wasn’t so much that she lost part of the snorkel mask, but how incredibly unconcerned she seemed about losing it. Throw in the fact that she appeared to be merely floating in the water leisurely as opposed to fishing, and the whole incident was pretty damning. Exhibit B: She lost one of the chickens. Again, a simple mistake, but if you were out there starving, how would you have felt about it? Exhibit C: Her irrational hatred of yoga. It would be a lot easier to feel affection for Shambo if she wasn’t constantly dissing her tribemates. And for what? STRETCHING! Exhibit D: She insists on giving everyone else every clue as to the whereabouts of the Hidden Immunity Idol. I understand some may value here generosity on this one, but I say nay! Such idiotic gameplay simply cannot be condoned.

Previews for tonight’s episode clearly show Shambo wearing the necklace as the newly elected leader of Galu, so this looks to be a pivotal time for her, even if the men have installed her merely as a puppet regime. And who knows, maybe she will do something to win us all over. But so far I am completely underwhelmed, especially considering the awesomeness of the hair. Six episodes in, how are you feeling about Shambo? Did Probst oversell her appeal, or are you diggin’ the madcap Marine? First, however, be sure to watch the latest episode of Survivor Talk below, as Russell tells us about how “pissed” he was at Jeff Probst for puling him out of the game, as well as what the cameras didn’t show you after his collapse. And if you’d like all the hot Survivor scoop and random pop culture ramblings delivered right to your virtual door, you can follow me on Twitter @EWDaltonRoss.