Credit: Baby: Smith Collection/Getty Images

A&E has sent out screeners of its new “real life series” Steven Seagal Lawman (premiering Dec. 2), which chronicles the actor’s day job: For almost 20 years, he’s been a fully commissioned deputy with the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana. According to the press material, not only does Seagal, who has a 7th-degree black belt in aikido, go out on patrol, he is also “an expert marksman who has worked with their SWAT team and has instructed Jefferson Parish officers in firearms and hand-to-hand combat.” Episodes will allow us to ride shotgun with Seagal as he responds to crimes-in-progress, as well as to partake in his off-the-clock ventures (musical performances!). As eager as I am to pop in the DVD with episodes titled “The Way of the Gun” and “The Deadly Hand” — really, all episode titles should be three words, like his films — I can’t get past the baby-sized flack jacket that the screener came encased in. I am seriously considering asking my sister to forgo my niece’s lion Halloween costume — which, BTW, was already Plan B because she waited too long to order the sold-out cow costume — and dress her as Steven Seagal Lawman. (That is not my 10-month-old niece in our exquisitely engineered photo. She would be smiling.)

Two of my colleagues have expressed disappointment that the vest wouldn’t fit their children; one coworker has asked if she can borrow it for a photo-op with her son. A rep for A&E tells us that the network sent out “about 400” of the flack jackets (and that it also fits a small dog, wink-wink), so I predict that we’ll be seeing roughly 400 baby Seagals this Saturday night. Which leads to an interesting question…

Photo credit: Baby: Smith Collection/Getty Images