Ooooh. If I didn’t know better than to trust the teaser for tonight’s episode of Runway, I’d say we’re in for an action-packed hour of drama. “The workroom becomes a war room,” the macho voice-over informs us. Althea will say she hates Logan! Logan will divulge the nickname “Mean-a Irina”! And Althea and Irina will others of design-stealing! None of this beats the very best segment of the clip, in which we hear Gordana warning, “I’ll kick your ass!” over images of her doing just that…well, except for the ass part. Oh, the smackdowns that could ensue!

But probably won’t. Sigh.

At this point, I’m just hoping that either Logan or Christopher finally gets his walking papers. You can’t tell me either of them are going to whip up something worthy of the refined and classy Ms. Kerry Washington, who’s guest-judging tonight. So, who’s your pick to get auf’d? Will it be the one they call the Hottie? Or will it be the Crier? Share in the comments section below — but not before watching the latest episode of Project Runway Talk, starring Neek-oh-lass!

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