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Norah Jones has enlisted a surprise roster of bold-faced rock and hip-hop names to remix tracks from her forthcoming CD The Fall, due November 17. "With the way things are nowadays in the record business, every outlet wants extra content," the New York-based songstress tells EW. "So we decided to have people I admire do some remixes. The Beasties Boys did one, and Beck, and Santigold. I love Santigold. There are elements in her record that inspired me to try little things here and there. Some of her songs are great pop songs, but they have all these cool instruments on them and they sound kind of organic even though they're electronic. Those were the kind of sounds I was going for on my album."

Jones also revealed that she almost approached Beck to oversee The Fall, before ultimately hooking up with Tom Waits and Kings of Leon collaborator Jacquire King. "I had a wish list of a few people I wanted to play with," she says. "I really wanted to work with Joey Waronker because I've always loved his drumming on the Beck records. Beck's name came up a lot when we were trying to pick people for this record. At a certain point I almost thought, 'Well, maybe I should just ask Beck to produce because I keep looking to work with the people he's worked with.' But I didn't try."

Are you excited about the idea of hearing Ms. Jones retooled by the Beck and crew? Or just looking forward to the release of her new one?

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